2: Personality & its Facets: Conscientiousness

You should have completed this questionnaire before class

  1. Complete this 5-factor inventory (allow around 25 minutes)
    • note: If your Matric number doesn't work, enter your email address instead.
    • Copy and print out the facet scores you get at the end.
      • Learn the facets
    • Write items into this google doc:
      • What behaviours differentiate hi/lo people on N,E,O,A,C? e.g. do hi-C people fold their underwear (and low C not, and other dimensions don't affect this?
      • What would an extrovert/introvert or stable vs unstable or conscientious vs unconscientious person find hard to do/not do?
  2. Read this article: 6 Uses of facets (Costa and McCrae, 1998)


Some references