Lecture one consists of orientation to the course, and an overview of personality.

Lecture Slides

Lecture Slides (powerpoint in online viewer)

Homework for next Class

  1. Please complete this 5FM questionnaire (allow around 25 minutes)
    • note: If your Matric number doesn't work, enter your email address instead.
  2. Go here to create a code to access your data
    • (Write down the code because I can't retrieve it)
  3. Then go here
    • enter your code to get feedback on the 30 facets (will ask for your ID and secret code)
  1. Copy and print out feedback table of 30 facet scores to bring to class.
    • Each item scores zero to four max. Eight items per facet
      • Learn the facets
  2. Read this article: 6 Uses of facets (Costa and McCrae, 1998)
  1. What behaviours differentiate hi/lo people on N,E,O,A,C?
  2. What (if anything) is purely influenced by just one domain?
    • e.g. do hi-C people fold their underwear (and low C not), and other dimensions don't affect this?
  3. Try and write a new item for a facet in each domain
    • What would an extrovert/introvert find hard to do/not do?
    • Stable vs unstable find hard to do/not do?
    • Open to experience vs happy with their current appreciation person find hard to do/not do?


Overview papers

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Papers cited in the lecture