MSc Psychological Research Skills & Specialist Techniques
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Psychological Research Skills (PSYL11065).

I've saved my Psychological Research Skills lecture as a powerpoint with audio recording: this makes it much smaller and also easy to navigate.

To view these in the online powerpoint viewer, click the "present" button (little projector screen icon) in the top right of the viewer, and you should get an audio and slide lecture, which plays full screen, is easy to navigate (left right arrow to advance go back in the slides with synched audio).

  • Week 1 Lecture Fundamentals of Scientific Research.

* 10 minute intro + "pre homework". This brief introduction gives us 10 minutes to think about how you currently think about and use science.
* Main lecture 1. This is the full introductory lecture, about 2hours.

Let me know if there are any problems accessing or viewing the slides email||

AND: I will schedule either a Teams video meeting or virtual classroom meeting for next Monday for discussion - look forward to meeting you there!

specialist skills: Family and Genetics studies

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Barriers to progress

  1. Unethical ethics barriers