MSc Univariate Stats
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This is the content for my section of the MSc-Level course R course (course itself hosted on LEARN)

The degree program (DRPS) information on the course is here.

Week 3: Refresher in Inferential Statistics Hypothesis testing

In this lecture, we'll do a basic refresher in inferential statistics and hypothesis testing.

  • Powerpoint slides are here
  • Concepts include False positive (Type I) and the Type-1 error rate or p-value (α)
  • Also well as false negatives (Type II) errors, the type II error rate (β)
  • The critical concept of Power (1 − β) will be discussed (and discussed) in the context of how we efficiently discover the truth and avoid error.
  • We'll also cover confidence intervals (CI95), and effect sizes (𝛽) and their strengths and limitations
  • We'll discuss correlation (an unresolved causal nexus)
  • Comparing proportions (χ²) with Ronald Fisher's Lady who drinks Tea
  • We'll talk about Non-parametric statistics if we get time.

Some notes based on previous student questions appear below